The 10K Fastest Growing Companies of 2019 Awarded by Growjo

Growjo’s 10K Fastest Growing Companies has been released for 2019. The Awards are given to companies based on a unique algorithm that displays and predicts future growth from a number of factoring categories including: job openings, revenue, employee counts, funding news, hiring announcements, leadership team developments and additional growth intent trigger data.

The Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies of 2019 include:

RankCompanyEmployee Growth %
1 Branch International32%
2 Harvest Health & Recreation 187%
3 Brex 305%
4 Petal 75%
5 DivvyPay 118%
6 Robinhood 63%
7 Tala 26%
8 MedMen 21%
9 Ebanx40%
10 Clearbanc 340%

Growjo initially launched in March of this year, with the initial soft launch of the Growjo10K, which was featured on product hunt with a resoundingly positive reception. Now that Growjo has had some time to mature and understand more historic data, this release of the award list also features the movers and shakers on the list. These are companies that have made a huge leap in growth this year.

The Top 10 Biggest Growth Leaps of 2019 include:

RankCompanyDifference from
Previous Ranking
668Navitas Midsteam Partners7989
2185Welkin Health7756
2170SkinCure Oncology7685
1070eStruxture Data Centers7446
953Adicet Bio7443

Growjo only includes companies under 1000 employees, so you won’t see the biggest enterprise companies on this list. Our goal is to highlight companies that are on the growth path toward greatness. Here is a list of the newcomers to the list, these are companies that were not previously on our radar but they definitely are now.

The Top 10 Newcomers to the Growjo10K include:

Rank CompanyEmployee Growth %
2Harvest Health & Recreation187%
22Pareteum Corporation45%
35Pie Insurance253%
41Venture Global106%
43Dave – Banking For Humans95%

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