10K Fastest Growing Companies for 2022 Awarded by Growjo

It’s Here! The Fastest Growing Company Awards in the World for 2022 have been released. These companies are on a “gravy train with biscuit wheels!”(Bill Murray – Kingpin) We have seen the growth of Digital Currency, Blockchains and Fintech take a majority of the top 10 spots this year, it will be interesting to see if this trend continues for the rest of 2022.

There are a number of growth indicators that make up the rankings of this list include revenue growth, valuation increases, funding, hiring plans, employee count growth and more. Make sure you search for your company to see if you made the list.

The Awards are all inclusive, meaning there is never a fee or submission required which makes the list even more impressive. (we only highlight companies under 1000 employees)

The Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies of 2022 include:

1OpenseaNew York, NY
2Axie InfinityHo Chi Minh, Vietnam
3SellerXBerlin, Germany
4JOKRNew York, NY
5OysterLondon, UK
6AnkorstoreParis, France
7ELMSDetroit, MI
8ClaraMexico City, MX
9DrataSan Diego, CA
10Digital Currency Group New York, NY

Companies that feature their Growjo award in blog posts and press releases gain immense exposure and we feature these companies in our blog, news and newsletters.

Growjo only includes companies under 1000 employees, so you won’t see the biggest enterprise companies on this list. Our goal is to highlight companies that are on the growth path toward greatness. We like to highlight the 10K Fastest Growing Companies on a bi-yearly basis to see growth trends on a more frequent schedule.

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