Indexing and predicting the fastest growing companies in 2022.

Growjo tracks the fastest growing companies and startups in the world. Using annual revenue, competitor analysis, “number of employees” growth, funding news, sales & financials, valuation increases and other growth triggers, we have created the list below of the Top 10,000 companies in the Fall of 2022. Because this list is focused on startups with traction to qualify the company must have between 15 and 1,000 employees. Growjo also segments lists based on Industry(e.g. Fintech) and Metro areas (e.g. Silicon Valley). Expect to see a lot of tech companies, biotech, and health companies as well due to the nature of venture funding and financings. In addition to the exportable list below, you can find recent updates to your right which occur daily.

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Last updated 12/05/2022

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Funding $30MValuation: $254.3MRevenue $30MGrowth 53%


Funding $1500MValuation: $7BRevenue $188MGrowth 58%

Locus Robotics

Funding $117MValuation: $2BRevenue $70MGrowth 62%


Funding $35MValuation: $100MRevenue $81MGrowth 39%


Funding $Valuation: $1.4BRevenue $122MGrowth 0%

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