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MaintainX is mobile-first work order and procedure digitization software that allows factory frontline teams to know what they need to do and how to do it. Here's what we digitize and take away from the clipboard: - Safety Procedures - Environmental Checklists - Tooling & Gauge Reporting - Maintenance Procedures - Auditing/Inspection Workflows - Training Checklists We allow plant managers to become more efficient operators by delivering real-time business insights from the field. MaintainX is the fastest and first Frontline Resource Management (FRM) system. Learn more at! MaintainX is designed to work with organizations of all sizes - whether you are running a small team of 2 or coordinating a massive team of hundreds of folks around multiple locations, we want to empower every organization to streamline their work flows.
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MaintainXCo-Founder, Go-To-Market
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