How to find annual revenue for a private company

private company revenue

Public company revenue data is easy to come by because, of course, it is “public”. Legally they have to provide that data. Private company revenue is MUCH harder to find. Some companies occasionally will tell the press how much annual revenue or ARR they are making in order to get a little brand coverage. However, most private companies like to keep their revenue a secret so their competitors don’t know how well they are doing, etc. There are still some ways to get this info and each source is different. Below is a list of data providers that do provide annual revenue information for private companies along with their source data.

  1. Growjo

You can quickly find annual revenue of private companies using the Growjo website. Looking up companies one by one is free. Growjo also licenses a dataset via its API or via bulk exporting so that similar companies can resell this data to their end users. They have unlimited licenses that include employee growth percentages, funding news, new hires, mergers, acquisitions and other news events. You can reach them via their contact us page. Their data is based on company submittals to be included in their rankings and estimates based on their industry/niche and number of employees. They also license out b2b people data via Lead411.

2. Dun & Bradstreet

DNB provides annual revenue data as well for private companies. This dataset is created from companies that report their revenue in order to get a DUNS number. The good thing about this data is that they have a lot of mom and pops that other data providers might not have, however, it is not always super up to date as they are not tracking the growth these companies may be having. That being said, they are not super strong in the startup phase for companies.

3. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is another b2b data provider that focuses on company and people data. You will be able to view private company revenue data as well as contacts. We do not know how ZoomInfo gets its annual revenue for private companies, but they could be licensing this data out from other companies.

4. Privco

PrivCo delves deep into the often-opaque world of U.S. private companies, providing a comprehensive data discovery and financial service for investors, researchers, and dealmakers. Their platform acts as a one-stop shop, addressing diverse needs related to private market data. What sets PrivCo apart is its exclusive access to both current and historical revenue and employee data by year for private companies – a feature you won’t find anywhere else. This granular level of detail empowers you to track a company’s growth trajectory, assess its financial health, and make informed investment decisions.

5. Pitchbook

Since 2007, PitchBook has been the vanguard of financial intelligence, providing unrivaled access to over 30 million detailed company profiles, 20 years of historical market data, and insightful trends analysis by industry experts. This unparalleled depth empowers investors to identify high-growth opportunities and make data-driven decisions, equips analysts to pinpoint lucrative investments and assess market risks, and fuels entrepreneurs’ success with actionable insights to secure funding and navigate complex market dynamics.

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