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The human and economic cost of workplace injuries around the world is a staggering $250 billion per year. At Intenseye, we believe that the health and safety of workers is non-negotiable. What we do Intenseye builds an AI-powered HSE platform that helps the world's largest enterprises to scale employee health and safety across their facility footprints. Using the latest breakthroughs in computer vision, Intenseye empowers health and safety teams to monitor their facilities 24/7, receive real-time violation notifications, and operationalize their rapid response procedures. How we do it Software-first High-performance software and IP-networked cameras unlock 24/7 automated inspections and real-time event notifications for the first time. Privacy by design Intenseye does not capture personally identifiable information from the visual data that we process. We exist to scale worker safety and protect their privacy. Computer Vision Processing real-time streams of video data to rapidly identify anomalous events and create analytics for HSE teams to improve is uniquely enabled by machine learning and computer vision. Intenseye is a rapidly growing technology company that is backed by world-class venture capital firms focused on enterprise software and artificial intelligence.
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