Growjo Awards “100 Fastest Growing Companies in Minneapolis” for 2020

Congratulations to Growjo’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Minneapolis for 2020. It has not been an easy task to grow in 2020, but these companies have persevered through it all and have been able to grow in multiple facets.

Top 10 Companies on the List

Bright HealthHospital/Healthcare
SezzleTech Services
Relievant MedsystemsMedical Equipment
Perforce SoftwareIT Consulting
Total ExpertSaaS
Inspire Medical SystemsMedical Equipment
CHF SolutionsMedical Equipment

These 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Minneapolis are built using Growjo’s algorithm that uses many data points including recent growth, predicted revenue growth, number of jobs, leadership, venture financing, new locations, news items and other growth triggers. We also try and predict future growth based off trend analysis so you can get an idea of where these companies are going in the future.

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