100 Fastest Growing Companies in Nashville for 2019

Congratulations to 100 Fastest Growing Companies of Nashville for 2019.

Over the past 10 years Nashville has been growing quickly so it is no surprise that they have a lot of startups and fast growing companies. Nashville’s primary industries are in the health, hospital, and medical office space.

Growjo Awards are built using Growjo’s algorithm that uses many data points including recent growth, predicted revenue growth, # of job openings, leadership, venture funding, new offices, news items and other growth triggers.

Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies in Nashville – 2019

RankCompanyEmployee Growth
1 JumpCrew 81%
2 Built Technologies 86%
3 Trilliant Health 27%
4 American Physician Partners 21%
5 Relode.com 46%
6 Relatient 33%
7 CleanSlate Centers 13%
8 Urgent Team 7%
9 ProviderTrust 20%
10 Silicon Ranch Corporation 27%

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