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Indexing and predicting the world’s fastest growing companies in 2021.

Congratulations to the winners of the Growjo 10,000 - A List of the Fastest Growing Companies in the World. This is our 4th Edition of the Growjo 10K (October 2020) since launching in early 2019 and we don’t plan on stopping! Growjo is an award/list that highlights and predicts the fastest growing companies and startups. It is a custom algorithm we created combining 5+ datasets that help us track growth indicators, competitors, annual revenue growth, annual sales & financials, alternatives competition analysis, valuation increases, funding news, hiring announcements, employee turnover, job openings, growth triggers, number of employees growth and other financials. Any company that is included should be proud of their inclusion as they are selected out of 1M international startups. Browse the list below or export the full 10,000.

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