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INVIDI was founded in 2000 to resolve the growing disparity between pay television's greater share of television viewership and its disproportionately smaller share of advertising revenue. While television's large share of ad dollars is testimony to its overall effectiveness, many marketers view television advertising as increasingly inefficient, because it reaches wide or beyond the advertiser's target audiences, and results in significant waste. INVIDI provides cable, satellite and IPTV operators the opportunity to position their services as the most comprehensive source available for targeted television advertising and promotion. INVIDI's powerful suite of advanced tools enables operators to selectively target television viewers with the same pinpoint accuracy as direct mail and database marketing - without compromising viewer privacy and, thereby, enhancing existing revenue streams. INVIDI's proprietary technology enables television service providers to simultaneously deliver multiple and distinct commercial streams to different households or individual set-top boxes during a single commercial break while also controlling reach, frequency and separation of the commercial assets. This increases advertising inventory and revenue opportunities for operators, while providing advertisers and media buyers with the first truly measurable and accountable way to place television advertising in front of the desired viewer demographic.
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