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CoreLife created its healthcare model based upon a personal experience. That personal experience uncovered a fragmented, uncoordinated, and one-dimensional array of treatment options for overweight and obese patients. This led to the development of a community-based, multidisciplinary healthcare model, that combines and coordinates the core disciplines necessary to treat overweight, obesity, and their underlying lifestyle factors. The coordinated management of these 'services are at the heart of what makes CoreLife unique and the solution to long term success and sustainability. Today, CoreLife is the trusted partner for PCPs, surgeons, and specialists, who identify patients needing weight reduction and lifestyle modification in order to improve their overall health, to optimize a surgical outcome, or to prevent, impede, or reverse a diagnosis. Healthcare costs continue to grow, exacerbated by lifestyle choices and the consequent rise of chronic disease, often resulting from these choices. Obesity has become the central pervasive problem, bringing with it all of the related ailments: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke risk, etc. By focusing exclusively on sustainable weight reduction and lifestyle, our health care model treats the root cause of much of the cost growth in healthcare today. This specificity in non-surgical obesity treatment is vital, but did not exist previously. Treating obesity and lifestyle cannot deal around the margin and expect to have an impact. There is a distinct need to conveniently coordinate and combine the critical disciplines necessary to treat weight and its underlying factors. In addition, it must be provided in a comfortable, private, and community-based center. This approach, in unison with a focus on sustainability and health improvement, can provide lasting change.
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Severna Park, MD
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