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  • Lead411's estimated annual revenue is currently $2.7M per year.(i)
  • Lead411's estimated revenue per employee is $98,000
  • Lead411's pricing is $2400 per year.
  • Lead411's current valuation is $111.

Employee Data

  • Lead411 has 28 Employees.(i)
  • Lead411 grew their employee count by 56% last year.
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Lead411 provides the most comprehensive and accurate information about contacts and companies available in the marketplace. Through targeted filters, and sales intelligence data points, b2b direct dials, customers are able to view complete contact data profiles and find growing companies that are more likely to be in a buying cycle for adding services/solutions. Our sales intelligence triggers are an easy way for you to filter for companies that make the most sense to reach out to. Sales Intelligence data points include: Recently Funded Companies New Company Location IPO Announcement Hiring Plans Job Openings New Employee Hire New Executive Employee Hire New Employee Promotion Company Awards and More Not only can you find the best opportunities in Lead411, but you can also reach out directly from our platform using our Reach Email/SMS Engagement Automation Feature. With Reach, you can set up automated email and SMS templates, cadences and campaigns so once you find your targeted audience, reaching out is as simple as a few clicks. No more exporting lists to a third-party platform, you can keep notes and monitor the progress of your efforts with ease. Lead411 believes in helping companies start the sales process with a targeted conversation. Lead411 is a known ZoomInfo Competitors. Through accurate contact data fueled by innovative data intelligence, we give you an advantage over other solutions. Discover contact data from companies that are in a buying position, save time through filtered sales data points, and reach out directly from our platform to get the results you need to ensure a healthy pipeline.

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