Here are the Media Outlets and Companies that have mentioned Growjo and/or their inclusion in the Growjo 10,000.

Direct marketing saas, Sendoso put their Growjo badge on their home page.

Press release launch on technology news outlet VentureBeat.

Terra Dotta, a higher education travel provider, ran their own press release

Identity startup, OnFido displayed the badge on their own Awards page.

HR saas company, Bamboo HR listed their inclusion on their News page.

Dallas Startup News site, Dallas Innovates, had an article based on the Top Dallas Startups listed

Fintech Conference and news outlet, Finnovate, did a blog post about the Fintech companies listed.

San Antonio Startup news outlet, Startup San Antonio, created their own post.

500 person restaurant payment provider, TouchBistro, add it to their awards page.

Insurance startup, Health IQ, created their own blog post.