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Top Fintech companies awarded on past and predicted growth
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Congratulations to the Top 500 Fintech companies in the world awarded by Growjo for 2023. In the past few years there has been a lot of growth within Fintech startups including NFT marketplaces, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, payments and investing. In fact within the Fintech 500 there has been a total funding amount of $10B. These rankings are based not just on past revenue growth, but also how much we predict these companies to grow in the future. You will notice that a lot of these companies will also be in our New York City Startups and Silicon Valley Startups lists. ​Our algorithm is based on multiple datasets including employee growth, estimated revenue growth, top competitors and alternatives, valuations, quality and quantity of funding, hiring announcements, current job openings, leadership team announcements, and numerous other growth triggers.
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