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P2Bi helps companies transform from industry newcomers to market leaders. We partner with banks and investors to provide affordable, flexible capital that evolves with business growth. Core to our offering is our lending platform. It combines risk monitoring with robust underwriting to provide clients and banks with complete transparency and control, enabling real-time account monitoring and management. > Why banks partner with us: It's pretty simple; banks want to finance high-growth companies, even if they don't yet qualify for traditional loans. By partnering with us, banks can access and fund these types of businesses while maintaining complete control of their participations through our platform. Each facility in this program is half financed by banks, half financed by our crowd of investors, with the bank taking payment priority. This shared investment model ensures risk is minimized and reward maximized. Learn more: > Why small businesses want our financing: For entrepreneurs, P2Bi provides the flexibility and affordability of bank financing without the rigorous requirements. We also offer small businesses the fastest path to bankability. If your revenue is growing and you are trending toward profitability, you may qualify for our Bank Partnership program, which combines P2Bi and bank funding in a single low rate with the opportunity to build a long-lasting bank relationship. See if you qualify: > Why investors join our crowd: P2Bi offers accredited investors the opportunity to finance growing businesses and receive outsized returns. We handle all of the sourcing, screening, and underwriting to find exceptional companies that are growing fast and have the collateral to securitize financing. By joining our crowd of investors, you can access exciting companies that are quickly becoming market leaders. Learn more:
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