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Hi there, we’re RiseUp, thanks for checking us out :) We founded the company in 2017 because we couldn’t stand how difficult and frustrating it was to manage your personal finances. We all want to secure a better financial future for ourselves and our family, but we’re stuck in the daily rat race of making ends meet in a financial system that works against us. When we dove into the problem we realized that we had to solve it from the core - to change the business model and to align our growth with our customers’ growth. We built a subscription service which proactively helps customers improve their financial bottom line. Our unique method combines a smart digital platform, human support and a strong community to help customers change their story about money. And it works! RiseUp customers improve their cashflow by $340 per month within 3 months of using the product. Our goal is to be the wealth manager for EVERYONE. Built for the 99% we help families to make ends meet, set money aside and start to build assets. We are growing with our customers, offering them more and more financial products that serve their interests (with no bullshit and no tricky fine print). We started in Israel and we have tens of thousands of customers here, and soon we will be launching our next market. We’re a team of mission driven, optimistic people who come to work every day with the hunger to solve this problem and improve the lives of millions of people. Want to join us? Contact Ela@riseup.co.il
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