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Technical Services Manager . Tasman Geosciences

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Founded in 2009, Tasman Geosciences, Inc. provides turnkey environmental consulting, construction, demolition and abatement services. Tasman currently has offices in 10 States and employs over 150 environmental professionals including Engineers, Geoscientists, Hydrogeologists, GIS/CADD Specialists, Drillers, Certified ACM Inspectors, Supervisors and Technicians, Construction Supervisor, Operators and Laborers. Tasman enjoys strong working partnerships with our clients in the following business groups and sectors: Oil and Gas | Manufacturing | Industrial | Commercial and Residential | Municipal | Local and State Agencies | Demolition and Salvage | Developers | Retail and Bulk Fueling Operations | Alternative and Renewable Energy | Environmental Consultants.
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6855 W 119th Ave
Denver, CO
United States
Tasman Geosciences Email

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Tasman GeosciencesTechnical Services Manager
ESC Lab SciencesRocky Mountain Sales Rep

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