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American Standard Circuits Inc. was founded in 1988 to answer the needs of printed circuit boards in the electronics industry. The company had a humble beginning with 6 employees in a 10,000 sq ft manufacturing plant located in Libertyville, Illinois. Then the company began to grow and by 1994 it was moved to a 42,000 sq. ft. facility in Franklin Park. This new facility then employed 35 people. There have been several advancements from that time till to date. The company grew aggressively through the 1990s, eventually employing 90 people in the same facility. With the entrepreneurial spirit, ideas and business instincts of the Company's Chairman, Mr. Gordhan Patel, ASC has now truly taken off to become a global leader in printed circuit board manufacturing. Today ASC owns and operates 3 manufacturing facilities in the Chicago land area and has exclusive rights to all the high volume production done at Fine Line Circuits in India. In January of 2004 ASC purchased all assets of Poly Circuits in West Chicago, Illinois. Poly Circuits was a subsidiary of the publicly traded company, MWave Corporation. With the acquisition of this company, ASC renamed their divisions. The Franklin Park Facility is now the Digital division and the West Chicago facility is now the RF/Microwave division. In June of 2004, ASC also acquired United Electronics in Rosemont, Illinois. United Electronics did not undergo a name change, but is now a subsidiary of ASC. Given below is a brief description of each of these four manufacturing divisions. 1. ASC (East), Franklin Park, Illinois , Digital Division: This facility is about 42,000 sq ft in area and currently employs about 70 people. This division manufactures up to 16 layers with 4 mil lines and spaces. It does blind and buried vias with sequential lamination method only. Other capabilities are: 1. Multilayers with hybrid circuits requiring controlled impedance technology; 2. Mixed dielectrics, 3. Hole plug process silver, epoxy or plated shut as a heat sink; and 4. Copper thickness up to 10 oz finish. It has recently added the capability to produce single and rigid double-sided circuits with aluminum heat sink bonded with its own proprietary thermally conducting bonding film. This thermally conducting film can be tailor made for various applications with customer specific thickness and conductivity requirements. This technology is being patented. Depending upon the technology level of a product, 500 to 1200 (18x24 size) panels are produced per day. 2. ASC (West), West Chicago, Illinois , RF Division: This facility is about 52,000 sq ft in area and currently employs about 80 people. This facility specializes in Teflon, Ceramics, Hybrids and bonded assemblies. The division manufactures various types of exotic circuit boards and works closely with its customers to invent new processes and technologies. The main media of bonding at this facility are the high temperature organic adhesive coatings, sweat solder and epoxy based E&C technology. This facility does various custom jobs for high demand customers. This facility can also manufacture up to 12 layer counts. Selective final finish of the following types are done: immersion gold, electroless nickel, immersion silver, white tin, OSP and wire bondable gold; PTF high resistance carbon technology; Capability to do control impedance testing (using TDR Polar instrument) and fine pitch, high pot electrical testing. 3. United Electronics: This is a 72,000 sq ft facility and currently employs about 80 people. This facility can manufacture up to 2000 panels per day. It is QS9000/ISO9002 Certified.
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