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Little by little, our vocation has evolved. Over 40 years of activity, our early clients such as butchers and supermarkets were joined by delis, fruit stores, pastry shops, bakeries, spice stores, caterers, hotels, wholesalers, transformation and manufacturing plants as well as a large and varied number of restaurant operations.\r\n\r\nIt goes without saying that our product offering has also expanded substantially.\r\n\r\nIf you are looking for a particular kind of tray, ecological container, a cheese wrap or an orbital packaging machine, we can help. Need a bag made from recycled paper that’s printed and has a window in it? We’re there for you, and we can even assist with the design and suggest multiple solutions for each of your packaging needs.\r\n\r\n250 staff members, 3 locations in Quebec, 40 delivery vehicles, 32 representatives on the road and 14 internally, 185,000 sq. ft of warehousing, but above all, a wealth of accumulated expertise from people who care and know how to help you get things done.\r\n\r\nAllow us the pleasure of sharing it all with you.
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