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Sun Nuclear Corporation (SNC) is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of radiation measurement instrumentation and software. Radiation Oncology SNC is the worldwide market share leader in medical devices and software for quality assurance and dosimetry in Radiation Oncology (RO). RO is the medical use of ionizing radiation for cancer treatment to control or kill malignant cells. SNC's solutions measures and analyzes the radiation beams used for treatment, and other quality control checks. Our solutions helps to ensure patients receive safe and effective cancer treatments. Environmental Radon SNC is the worldwide market share leader in radon gas measurement and monitoring instrumentation. Radon gas naturally occurs and is strongly linked to lung cancer, especially non-smokers. Indoor radon gas concentrations can exceed safe levels in buildings which can trap radon gas leaking in through defects in a building's foundation. SNC's solutions are self contained electronic instruments for cost effective radon gas level measurement. Our solutions are utilized worldwide by property inspectors, property owners, and government agencies to determine and monitor radon gas levels, so that appropriate action can be taken if safe levels are exceeded. Nuclear Medicine SNC provides design, manufacture and service of calibrators for use in nuclear medicine and nuclear pharmacies. SNC's solutions are exclusively distributed by Biodex Medical Systems.
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