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Sales Manager/Project Manager . Golden Arrow America

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Golden Arrow America is a sustainable packaging solution provider specializing in environmentally-friendly molded fiber pulp packaging & printing product design and manufacturing. We are a Leading Technology Company in sustainable packaging and some of our customers are global leaders in their respective industry. We produce custom molded fiber pulp products for protective packaging requirements in a wide range of applications. We also provide end to end customer support with program management, design, assembly/kitting and logistics. GAA has a customer support and program management office located in Cupertino, California and has design and manufacturing centers in Shanghai, Taipei and Chongqing. We are proud to do our part to contribute to an eco-friendly, sustainable planet. Our molded pulp products are recyclable and biodegradable, satisfying the two main criteria for sustainability.
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20520 Prospect Rd
Saratoga, CA
United States
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Golden Arrow AmericaSales Manager/Project Manager
ZendureRegional Sales Manager
ZendureBusiness Development Manager

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