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Boschung America, part of the Boschung Group, is a worldwide leader in transportation safety and anti-icing technologies. Our systems are designed to automatically treat roadway, taxiway and bridge surfaces with anti-icing products before they freeze. Statistics prove that accidents blamed on icy conditions significantly decline after our systems are installed. The Boschung System uses patented active sensors and weather stations to provide real-time information and automatically activate anti-icing spray programs. Our patented spray delivery technology (F.A.S.T.) is the most reliable automated system available. We will consult, plan, install and maintain your anti-icing system with our patented product delivery and diagnostic technology. The system can be retrofitted to existing structures or designed for new construction. Boschung America delivers the most reliable anti-icing technology available. The safety of your roadway, taxiway, or bridge is our number one priority. Boschung Company (Switzerland) has been an industry leader in anti-icing technologies throughout Europe and Asia for over 20 years. Now, Boschung America installs the highest performing automated systems in North America and will provide the most reliable services and technologies for roads safety.
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Boschung America Email

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