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The PTech+ connection provides increased torque while still maintaining a streamline geometric design. Torque capacity averages 65% ‐ 80% greater than API connections of the same OD and ID dimensions and 10% ‐ 30% greater than most proprietary high torque connections of the same OD and ID dimensions. The combination of a slow taper and large radius thread root allows each PTech+ connection to have smaller OD’s and larger ID’s and still maintain a balanced connection. The large single root radius considerably reduces peak stresses in the connection and reduces the connections stiffness. Comprehensive testing includes: FEA, Torsion to Failure, Repetitive Make‐Up and Break‐Out, and Comparative Fatigue. ● A 3D Method was used to evaluate an overall connection peak stress and SCF (Stress Concentration Factor). The PTECH+ Design Models were numerically analyzed using ANSYS® X64ed. V12.1 to show the stress in the connection at both minimum and maximum internal gap tolerances due to make‐up torque. ● 100 Make and Breaks were accomplished without galling on either the pin or box connection. The PTech+ Connection provides turns to make‐up similar to API… and fewer turns to make‐up than certain other proprietary connections. ● PTech39+ Connection ‐ 7.5 Turns NC40 Connection ‐ 6.5 Turns ● PTech55+ Connection ‐ 8.8 Turns ● PTech59+ Connection ‐ 9.3 Turns 5‐1/2 FH Connection ‐ 9.8 Turns ● PTech68+ Connection ‐ 8.4 Turns 6‐5/8 FH Connection ‐ 9.8 Turns Results of extensive field use demonstrate the cost‐saving opportunity with the PTech+ connection. Cost of ownership and repair is less than other high torque products in the marketplace. ● A string was used for 18 months to drill 16 wells (average 21,105 feet per well) in the North Dakota Bakken, before some of the string began to require replacement. ● DS‐1 Service Category 5 inspection frequency was every 4th well drilled.
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