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Director Product and Software Engineering . ACD Direct

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ACD Direct is a top leader in our industry for 15 years and counting. We believe that our best asset is our clients and we are committed to your success and look forward to building and maintaining a relationship with you. \n\nACD Direct is the best solution to boost any non-profit's member acquisition and fundraising results. Our virtual call center offers diverse, scalable services which include fundraising, live technical support and other call-based assistance. Our clientele consists of non-profit organizations, political campaigns and charity groups. \n\nOur product offerings don’t stop at call center services powered by Simple Pledge. We have several solutions with proven success to streamline workflow. Our mobile responsive Pledge Cart 3.0 is powerful and flexible, developed with our clients’ needs in mind. Many clients have applauded PODS which removes the many hours spent gathering premium data. We also provide Member Service Support tailored to when you need us most. And one of our newest offerings, Chat Support! An economical, yet effective tool.\n\nLearn more about our solutions: josh.rosales@acddirect.com\nGeneral Email: info@acddirect.com\n\nWebsite\nhttp://www.acddirect.com/
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ACD DirectDirector of Product and Software Engineering
ACD DirectProduct Manager
ACD DirectClient Services Manager

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