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In a crazy, dynamic world of technology innovation and all of the stress and juggling that comes along with it, wouldnt it be nice to have a forward thinking business partner that actually understands you and your unique business challenges And what if that partner could creatively help solve those problems, without every resolution magically involving more and more hardware purchases At Driven Technologies our message is simple: Hire the best and brightest engineers and give them one goal To help customers meet and exceed their business objectives. To most customers, this message of truly adding value has been lost on Value Added Resellers. We believe this has created a gap in the market for an innovative partner to come along and fill that void. Our holistic approach to partnership was purpose-built with our customers in mind, adding true value and providing one-to-one service during all phases of a project and across all major technology verticals. We use Innovation to achieve our customers goals and their plans for the future. Next Generation Technology is now in the forefront of the Industry. Cloud, Software Defined Networking and Load Balancing, and Open Source Hardware is the future. We can bring customers into our own Private Managed Cloud or build a private Cloud environment. People can do so much more in their businesses with Automation and we are delivering those technologies. We can help small businesses to the Fortune 100. Please feel free to peruse our website to see where our core competencies lie, or better yet, reach out to our sales team to have a conversation about how were providing value to our customers today.
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251 W 30th Street
Norcross , GA
United States
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Driven TechnologiesVice President
Driven Technologies of MSACo Founder and COO Driven Technologies
Layer 3 CommunicationsAccount Manager - Atlanta I Savannah Offices

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