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On the road to a sustainable city, PIX MOVING is dedicated to creating self-driving mobile space, rebuilding the cities with autonomous mobility. Differentiated from most other products, PIX products are defined and developed from the perspective of city, transportation and fleets operation. Autonomous chassis plus multi-functional pods, the modular structure enables the pods to be separated/detached from the chassis automatically with flexibility, which significantly saves cost for self-driving fleets operation. PIX is targeted to lead the scaled commercialization of self-driving technology by driving industrial real estate projects and retail delivery space projects as the application scenarios. PIX keeps innovating in the vehicle design and manufacturing. Through generative design powered by AI and the patent-pending 3CM (Cognitive · Configurable · Collaborative Manufacturing) approach, PIX reduces vehicle parts by 70% and greatly saves the assembly work. Right now, PIX has successfully 3D printed the world's first one-piece-structured metal chassis and has achieved L4 self-driving within specified areas. WE ARE HIRING We are looking for creative engineers to join the team. You are self-motivated, preferring to solving problem creatively. You like challenging problems and are a good collaborator. You are passionate about engaging in things that bring values to the world. PIX is developing product that is one of a kind, so correspondingly, you are energetic, resilient, and a great learner, and you're able to make wise decisions quickly with limited information. More importantly, you are not satisfied with the status quo and you wants a platform where you can give full play to your talents. Interested in applying? Feel free to check the details on the website or simply send your resume to We'll get back soon
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