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It is our belief that the financial industry has been in need of a major revolution for quite some time now. Somewhere along the way, the deep care for another person and their finances seems to have been lost. Today, new associates are thrown into a career with one of the lowest retention rates in the United States. Finances are one of the most important pieces of people's lives. It has the ability to bring overwhelming joy and peace, while also enormous amounts of stress and discomfort. For something this important, it is our belief that building life-long relationships with people and providing financial guidance is one of the most needed and rewarding ways to live out one's professional calling. 49 Financial is working toward changing the financial services industry for the better through our associates' fierce loyalty, selfless teamwork, abundant gratitude, and deep conviction. We want to be the catalysts to bring the focus back to people. We believe in the power that comes from planning for finances together, rather than alone for both our clients and our associates. We are 49 Financial, where two are better than one.
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