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What We Do EmployerDirect Healthcare delivers supplemental benefits for planned medical procedures to Self-Insured Employers. Our core product, SurgeryPlus, is profitable to the employer and drives employee engagement in a Self-Insured Healthcare Market dominated by high deductible plans. How We Do It EmployerDirect negotiates lower, bundled case rates for planned medical procedures with our national network of facilities and Surgeons of Excellence. We eliminate administrative hassle and pay providers quickly. Our Surgeons of Excellence are routinely screened and measured for quality care and outcomes. Employees are given a dedicated care coordinator providing concierge service through the entire process. The turnkey plan design makes it easy for Self-Insured Employers to embrace and integrate. Why it Matters SurgeryPlus drives employee engagement by delivering a no cost or low cost option for life-changing planned procedures. drives business to high quality providers and eliminates their administrative hassles and bad debt. creates transparency in a broken surgical system, eliminates waste and reduces risk. complements existing self-insured plans. increases employee access to quality care. PAYS FOR ITSELF. Employer Direct is making surgery affordable for employees of large self-insured employers. Contact us today at 1855-200-2099!
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