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Since 1994, Duramatic has maintained ISO 9002 certification through external audits every six months, an assurance to customers that we produce blades of the highest quality. Duramatic uses Statistical Process Control (SPC) to ensure that its blades conform to rigid industry specifications. Every Duramatic blade is balanced for correct weight distribution to prevent damaging vibrations. Duramatic's steel is austempered, maintaining a careful balance between hardness and ductility, thus producing safe, high-performance, long-lasting blades. Duramatic's research, production, and quality control technicians design and test critical blade dimensions that affect airlift, offset, balance, and tracking to provide the highest possible quality blades for a smoother, more level cut. All Duramatic blades undergo a final, thorough inspection before being shipped from our state-of-the-art facility. Blades are tested over and over to ensure the highest quality No blade leaves Duramatic's plant without being thoroughly inspected Ultra-modern equipment ensures efficiency, lowered costs, and customer satisfaction
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Glennville, GA
United States
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Duramatic ProductsProcess Technician
SNF Holding CompanyProduction Operator
US ArmySenior NCO

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