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The Matics Real-Time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) platform is a seamlessly integrated secure cloud-based solution that instantly digitalizes manufacturing shopfloors in a non-disruptive and intuitive way. The advanced Matics RtOI solution continuously aggregates high-resolution multi-source data in real-time from all existing software solutions, including human experts, and analyzes it within the manufacturing production framework using advanced proprietary algorithms. Contextual analysis of all available data provides key stakeholders with decision-ready insights delivered to the right person, at the right time, in the right format. In addition to providing key insights into the state of production in real-time, manufacturers can use the Matics RtOI solution to create custom alerts based on what matters most to them, automating workflow processes based on pre-set triggers events, and setting into motion actions that directly improve shop-floor productivity. Task automation, alerts, and job communications are managed on a machine level, improving contextual relevance, shortening the time it takes to react to events in real-time, and reducing their impact on overall operations. The Matics solution is completely customizable and able to meet the complex needs of the manufacturers across all industries including plastic, food and beverage, automotive, packaging, textile, and more.
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