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Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. started as a dental staffing agency in the state of Wisconsin in 2002. Dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants were placed in both temporary and permanent positions throughout the state. In 2005, Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. expanded its services to provide on-site dental readiness exams to military personnel throughout the country. Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc.'s staff now performs a thorough and accurate dental exam to prevent the service men and women of the Armed Forces from arriving in a deployed environment with dental pain or defect. The dental exams and treatments we perform can be considered life-saving acts. If a service member has mouth pain or dental problems while in combat operations, the service member's concentration could be disrupted and could therefore put his life and the lives of his comrades on the line. In 2008, Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. became a regional provider for Logistics Health Incorporated by continuing to provide dental exams and adding treatment to the list of services provided. Upon completion of the dental readiness exam, should restorative treatment be needed by a service member, Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. is now capable of satisfying that need. Today, Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. continues to support Logistics Health Incorporated in their work with the United States Armed Forces. Through collaborative efforts, we hope to continually ensure that service members meet medical and dental readiness standards and therefore are able to service our country. In June of 2015, we reopened our staffing agency, now a national agency called Complete Dental Staffing. We specialize in providing ideal placement for dental offices of all sizes, ranging from last-minute absences to permanent placement. We provide coverage for dentists, dental assistants, and hygienists.
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