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Principal Engineer . Kubota Tractor Corporation

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Kubota Corporation manufactures a comprehensive range of machinery and other industrial and consumer products, including farm equipment, engines, pipe and fluid systems engineering, industrial castings, environmental control plant and housing materials and equipment. Its manufacturing operations are conducted primarily at 21 plants in Japan and at five overseas plants located in the United States and certain other countries. Farm equipment, construction machinery, ductile iron pipe and certain other products are not only sold in Japan but are also sold in overseas markets, which consist mainly of North America, Europe and Asia. The Company classifies its products into five product groups: internal combustion engine and machinery; pipes, valves and industrial castings; environmental engineering; building materials and housing, and other products.
Kubota Tractor Corporation Address
1000 Kubota Drive
Grapevine, TX
United States
Kubota Tractor Corporation Email

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