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Exeger has developed the world's best indoor solar cell. Apart from generating the most power, it integrates seamlessly into other products, is light-weight, and environmentally friendly. These characteristics make it ideal for applications where design and functionality are fundamental aspects. The properties also make them attractive to use in many more buildings than those currently equipped with solar cells. Our focus is commercializing our solar cell. We have expanded our annual production capacity to 15 million tablet-sized solar cell to reach a global market with our first customer order. We currently have several projects with potential customers for joint development of commercial prototypes within the consumer electronics market. In January 2017, Fortum verified the industrial and market relevance with a 5MEUR investment in line with their vision to be the forerunner in clean energy. Exeger's goal is to accelerate the transition to clean energy and become Europe's next high-tech industrial company. In 2017, Exeger was presented with the award for EU-LIFE best of 25 years in the climate action category. Now, we have a product consumers want and need - power generated from the light around us. We will produce it in a way our clients require - under patent protection, in large volumes, and possible to integrate seamlessly in a range of products. It is an earnest combination of industrial and commercial focus that has taken us this far. That spirit will continue to guide us as we continue to develop Exeger.
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