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Clear Recovery Center is a family of mental health and substance abuse treatment centers in the South Bay of Los Angeles. We offer both residential and outpatient levels of care and separate teen and adult programs. With over fifty combined years of experience working in the field of addiction, Clear Recovery Center is committed to providing an evidence-based approach in both inpatient/residential and outpatient settings, where we can treat, educate and bring a recovery community to families and individuals in need. Clear Recovery Center understands that breaking free from addiction's depths is a two-part process. To get inspired on recovery, individuals need first to get involved in a community of people dedicated to bettering themselves. To maintain that recovery, however, one must engage in the therapeutic process of discovering what drove their addiction and uncovering the factors that kept them held in its sway. At Clear Recovery Center, we do both. Our powerful community is there to offer support, encouragement, and guidance to those getting started.
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201 Herondo Street
Redondo Beach, CA
United States
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