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We are all busy. Busy with our career, the kids, the household and maintaining a satisfying social life. Preferably, all at the same time. We want to enjoy our precious time off, but planning a night out and finding a suitable, trustworthy babysitter often leads to more stress instead of less. Especially when a last minute opportunity presents itself. This way, your social calendar is determined by the availability of a babysitter. The freedom of young (urban) parents is under pressure. As a parent you desire flexibility, but you also want to close the door behind you with a confident feeling when you leave your most prized possession with a sitter. Charly Cares offers a solution for these problems by providing an online platform, utilizing the newest innovative technical tools, with reliability as our number one priority. Our mission is to give busy (urban) parents more control over their social calendar and give them back some of their freedom. Charly Cares is the babysitting-app where parents can find and book screened babysitters who are recommended by their social network. An easy and quick way to find a trustworthy (last-minute) babysitter and pay directly online.
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