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Human Resources Manager . Quantum Plastics

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Founded in 2014, Quantum Plastics, LLC was created as a holding company by Quantum Ventures of Michigan. With 5 manufacturing locations, Quantum Plastics produces parts for almost every industry. From the water-cooler at the peewee football game and the food storage containers in your refrigerator (and maybe even part of your refrigerator) to the cluster on your dashboard, we are sure you have come across a Quantum Plastics product. Quantum Plastics was established with the objective of creating a world-class plastics company centered in the idea of multiple product segments offering a variety of processes with a global footprint. This fundamental desire to be the undisputed leader in engineering and quality is what drives Quantum Plastics.
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3730 Wheeler Avenue
Elgin, IL
United States
Quantum Plastics Email

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