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Topflight Grain Coop has offered several customer meetings this past winter also. Derrick Bruhn and Jason Geppert offered marketing and crop insurance meetings throughout our territory helping customers with the complexities of insurance coverage. Topflight held farmer discovery meetings gathering information from our producers that will help in our long range planning and help us understand what services and programs are important to you. Topflight offered a women\'s program in Cisco this year offering a variety of speakers ranging from an Extension Master Gardener to Decatur Memorial Hospital checking your bone density. Your Board of Directors will use the discovery meeting information at their Board retreat to review and help them make decisions on the direction of your company. Your input is important to us so if you have a question, concern or comment, make sure you pass it along to me or another staff member and we will address it as soon as possible. We all need to continue to grow and learn together. Topflight Grain Coop feels that through our continued education and learning we will be able to offer reliable, efficient products and services that will make your life easier! Topflight Grain will try to exceed the level of what you expect to be a leader in our industry and this is a reflection of the strength and support of our customers. Topflight Grain Coop continues to grow as we are building 2-105 ft diameter bins and working on expanding 2 rail sidings. This will add 1.4 million bushels of storage bringing the company\'s total capacity to 24 million bushels. We continue to pick corn up off the ground that is in temporary storage and load out corn that was in emergency storage. Rising energy cost is one of my biggest concerns as we move into another calendar year squeezing margins and forcing us to become more efficient. As you are getting ready for a busy Spring season, I would like to leave you with this thought. Everyone has the basic need of feeling like our life\'s work is appreciated and matters. In an instant the words of praise you speak or write could last a lifetime! I appreciate your hard work and thank you for your business.
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