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Since its incorporation in 1717 as the 100th town in Massachusetts, Westborough has grown from a settlement of orchards and dairies into a dynamic community with a healthy mix of residences, wooded trails, and industry. The town is located 12 miles east of Worcester and 29 miles west of Boston, with a land area of 21.62 square miles. The town's commuter rail station provides easy access to Boston and Worcester. At the intersection of the Mass Pike, Route 495 and Route 9, Westborough is an ideal location for business headquarters. Spurred by the advent of the train in 1834, Westborough has been home to diversified manufacturing, ranging from sleighs, straw hats, and boots in the past to computer and telecommunications equipment today. Westborough has also emerged as an important regional center for office development, with 35 percent of its employment devoted to the service sector. Westborough's population of a little more than 18,000 residents enjoy fine schools, extensive public services for all ages, and active recreation programs on its lakes, woodlands, and playing fields.
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34 West Main Street
Westborough, MA
United States
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