Company API

The Company API lets you look up company data based on domain. For example, you could retrieve a company’s name, location, employee, estimated revenue and job openings from their domain name.

Note: We are currently offering this API for free as we are not sure how we are going to monetize it yet. if you use this API, we only ask that you give "Attribution" to Growjo ideally with a link back to the company's page.

HTTP Request


(Where :company_url is the company’s domain name)


The API response object looks like the following.

ranking: 845,
estimated_revenues: 15000000,
job_openings: 6,
company_name: "SalesLoft",
city: "Atlanta",
country: "United States",
state: "GA",
employees: 377,
founded: 2011,
linkedin_url: "",
url: "",
industry: "Tech Services",
total_funding: "$76.9M",
Accelerator: "TechStars",
LeadInvestors: "Insight Venture Partners, Emergence Capital",
growjo_url: ""

Response Type

200Successful lookup, company encoded in the response body.
404Company were not found.