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St. Francisville, IL USA
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AgriGold made a commitment to its growers 70 years ago to be a leader in the seed corn industry. Today, more than ever, AgriGold has risen to the challenge of offering unique, high yielding, elite genetics with sound agronomic performance packages. AgriGold is proud of our hybrid legacy, and we believe our advanced research testing program will continue to introduce new genetics that surpass industry standards. AgriGold is a division of AgReliant Genetics headquartered in Westfield, Indiana. AgReliant Genetics provides the germplasm for AgriGold and is part of the fourth largest research organization in the world. To be a leader like AgriGold, several key components must be in place and working in unison. The first component is a broad-based germplasm that can be used over a diverse growing region. AgriGold continues to introduce new genetics for the U.S. corn market by capitalizing on germplasms collected throughout the world. By integrating our germplasms from around the world, we are able to offer elite genetics which encompass the vision of AgriGold. A sound breeding program which is efficient at developing new hybrids is the second component of a leading seed corn company. AgReliant Genetics' breeders manage 12 breeding locations across North America, planting over 500,000 short row plots each year in the United States alone. After approximately three years, these hybrids are reduced to 80 potential experimental hybrids that will enter our multi-tiered testing program. Our breeders employ a unique breeding approach which allows us to develop new inbreds true to type and 100% pure in one year. The unique approach we take allows us to evaluate thousands of hybrid combinations each year. To effectively evaluate new hybrids, AgriGold tests the new experimental hybrids over a wide range of climates, soils, cultural practices and growing conditions. Each Corn Specialist becomes part of the AgriGold Hybrid Research Program by establishing key research locations in their sales region. Those hybrids which have shown outstanding potential in the short row research plots are then advancedinto the New Experimental Testing program. If a hybrid continues to perform, AgriGold will move this hybrid into our Product Advancement Trials - the final step before becoming a new AgriGold commercial hybrid. To be a leader in the seed industry, you must have the vision necessary to make sound breeding, marketing and hybrid selection decisions. AgriGold and AgReliant Genetics have the vision necessary to bring elite genetics to the marketplace. As you evaluate the hybrid profiles, it will become quite evident why AgriGold is a leader in the seed industry and why we are "The Corn Specialists."