Hot Company Spotlight – PayIt – #2 Fastest Growing Company in Kansas City

PayIt takes a multifaceted approach toward growth having recently been ranked #2  in Growjo’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Kansas City. Spanning multiple departments including Engineering, Client Success, Support and most recently Marketing and Operations, PayIt has continued to add talent and receive funding for its digital government platform aimed at making an easy way for citizens to interact and communicate with government in a safe and secure way. 

PayIt work environment is open, collaborative, and focused on our mission to deliver innovative solutions that empower governments to innovate and enable their citizens to self-serve. Along with our government partners, we are transforming the citizen experience and making government more modern, convenient, and mobile.”

Some key growth stats include:

  • 100M in Funding in 2019
  • 5x increase in transactions
  • Increased Employee Count from 45 Employees (10/18) to 95 Employees (10/19) with a plan to expand to 120 Employees by the end of 2019

“We are thrilled to be ranked on Growjo’s list of one hundred fastest growing companies in Kansas City, “ says John Thomson, CEO of PayIt. “Securing a spot as number two and making it in the top ten of the one hundred is truly an honor. This is a testament and validation of the hard work we’re putting in as a company to disrupt the way governments interact with its citizens.”

Growjo also Ranked PayIt as the #5 Fastest Growing Company in the State of Missouri and the #186 Fastest Growing Fintech Company in the Fintech 500. 

Growjo ranked PayIt as a fast growing company based on several key factors including estimated revenue, employee growth, new office expansion and other growth indicators.

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