Growjo Awards and Reports

Cities w/the Fastest Growing Companies Per Capita05/03/2019
Growjo is based in Boulder and we anecdotally noticed that on average there were a lot of fast growing companies in this town in comparison to other places we have lived. But we wanted to see if that was really true. So we built this list. As it turns out we were correct, but we found some other cities that surprised us like Provo, Huntsville and Gainesville.
Fastest Growing Companies in Austin - 201905/03/2019
Besides being Forbes' Fastest Growing City and CNBC's #1 place to start a business, Austin has a fantastic startup scene which leads to tremendous growth for companies. Take a look at our list of the fastest growing Austin companies.
Boston Fastest Growing Companies - 201905/01/2019
Growjo is happy to announce the fastest growing companies by city and state! The Award notifications will be going out by email and social media throughout the month. One of the first cities and companies to be notified of their awards are Boston Startups. Boston, the unofficial startup capital of the East Coast, has a wealth of Biotech and technology companies.
Growjo 10,000 - World's Fastest Growing Companies04/09/2019
Growjo is now live! Highlighting the fastest growing companies through a unique growth indicator algorithm, Growjo will award companies that have gone through extensive growth cycles through various indicators such as new employees, revenue growth, company aquisitions, and more. Growjo will award companies throughout the world in the Growjo10000 as well as award companies within each state and each industry. Each company listed in the Growjo Awards list will be given a unique ranked badge to use in promoting their ranking on social media and company websites.