The Growjo Algorithm is a ranking algorithm that combines growth indicators from multiple datasets and trigger intelligence to help predict the most successful companies of the future.

Predictive Growth Indicators

The growjo algorithm takes in to account each trigger intelligence factor and calculates how likely the company is to stay the course. If the indicators show growth in multiple weighed areas, our algorithm indicates that the company is poised to continue to grow, and should be reflected on the next release of the growjo ranking lists. The contrary is true as well, when the algorithm indicates a slow down in the respective growth indicators.

For business development and sales organizations, the predictive growth indicators are extremely valuable when predicting outbound sales opportunities, future hiring plans, estimated revenue and financials, acquisition growth, market share and more. Companies that have successful business growth strategies are more likely to add services and solutions that leverage a high growth model.

For those companies listed on the Growjo rankings, the predictive growth indicators can help determine patterns, highlight ROI and indicate what calculated business risks are creating the best opportunities for future growth.

Employee Size Growth

Part of the Growjo Algorithm is the overall employee count at the organization and how much it grew from last year at the same time.

Brand Growth

Another important indicator of the Growjo Algorithm is Brand Growth... I.E. How many more people are searching for this company this year than last year OR how many more site visits is their site gettin, etc.

Growth Triggers & News

We use Lead411’s proprietary trigger database to figure out which companies have been growing in the past year. These triggers could include Fundings, M&As, Management New Hires, Hiring Plans and new locations.

Historical Weighting

We use previous growth weighting in order to make sure tiny companies that have just had one good year don’t dominate our rankings so we look at historical growth rates from the past 2 years as well.

Q: Why is it free to be included?

A: The Inc 5000 (and similar lists) are limited to companies who are willing to apply and who pay to apply. This makes their results extremely finite in comparison to the true fastest growing companies. By allowing all companies to be included we can get the most accurate results.

Q: How does a company qualify to be included in the Growjo 10,000?

A: Although inclusion is free there are certain qualifications that need to be met;

A) You must have between 30 and 1000 employees,

B) You must have a website that is in English so that we can categorize you, etc.

Q: Can we be added to the Growjo database?

A: Yes, you can add your company at whatever link we decide here).

Q: What countries are included in the Growjo 10,000?

A: We allow any company to be included as long as their website is in English, however, we actively track companies from the US, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, India, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland and Norway.

Q: Do you have to be a private company?

A: No. We don’t want to exclude public companies as they could still be the fastest growing.